A Simple Exercise To Help Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Exercises: Cat-Cow

This exercise helps to increase joint mobility and muscular flexibility in your spinal column from your neck to your tailbone.

Cat-cow can help to alleviate any soreness you have in your back, or general stiffness that can build up with a day of work. At Portland Wellness, we utilize cat-cow as a beginning exercise to warm up for more advanced low back pain rehabilitation exercises, which we typically do after acute back injuries where there’s a lot of spasm and inflammation.

In This Video:

This video introduces a simple exercise called cat-cow (or cat-camel) to help reduce low back pain after an initial injury. These exercises should be performed without pain and are safe to perform a few times per day.

Portland Wellness Care is happy to demonstrate movements and exercises for individuals who are looking for solutions to ease their low back pain. If you are in the Portland area and you are suffering from lower back pain, give us a visit to learn how we can help you! Book an appointment today.

Instructions for Performing Cat-Cow:

To set up for cat-cow, you’ll bring your hands right underneath your shoulders in a straight line, with your knees right under the hips. You may want to spread your fingers out so you’re giving your wrist some support.

Next, draw your shoulders down and away from your ears. Following your breath on the inhale, lift your chin and lift your tailbone while simultaneously lowering your torso.

Then on the exhale, push down into your hands and knees while you tuck in your chin and stretch your back as you push it towards the ceiling.
Continue this movement, with the tail and chin lifted through your inhaling breath, and tucking your chin inward and pushing your back upward during your exhale.

After a few rounds, notice if you feel any increase in movement in your back any change in flexibility over time. This exercise can be performed as many times as you need to throughout the day. For individuals with back injuries or low back pain, we recommend keeping your spine moving to help reduce stiffness.

Methods To Alleviate Low Back Pain:

Types of Recovery for Low Back Injuries:


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