Exercises to For Knee Pain Relief

Knee Pain Exercise Videos

Knee pain is all too common for many people. If you’re looking for ways to reduce knee pain at home, then check out these videos that demonstrate quick exercises that can be done anywhere. Watch as we walk through easy ways to help reduce knee pain and treat knee injuries, which will help you move forward in your progress toward a happy and health lifestyle!

Get Chiropractic Care & Physiotherapy Rehab for Knee Pain at No Cost to You*

For Oregon Residents with Auto Insurance

For Oregon residents with auto insurance: if your knee injury is the result of a car accident, then you are entitled to Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, regardless of who is at fault.

Intro to Knee Anatomy & Common Knee Injuries

Watch as we introduce the anatomy of the knee and take a look at some of the most common knee injuries that can occur. This information can help you learn how the knee works, setting up for a proper understanding of knee exercises meant to reduce pain and heal injuries.

Beginning Exercises & Stretches for Knee Injuries

Watch these basic knee stretches for simple, safe and effective exercises to reduce knee pain and increase strength after knee injuries. These exercises are proven to mitigate knee pain and create lasting benefits when performed routinely.

Intermediate Exercises for Knee Pain and Injury

Observe knee strengthening and rehab exercises that demonstrate the next level of movements to help knee pain and and heal injuries. These exercises can be performed 2-3 weeks after a knee injury.

Advanced Exercises for Strengthening and Rehab for Knee Pain and Injury

Watch a demonstration of advanced exercises to increase strength and balance in the knee due to an injury. Exercises include not only exercises for the knee joint but to strengthen and rehab muscles of the hip and ankle for greater balance and strength.

Physiotherapy & Rehab for Knee Pain

Discover a pain-free life with physiotherapy and physical rehab treatments for knee pain. Here at Portland Wellness Care, we specialize in healing pain and injuries through a combination of the latest science and technology with traditional techniques that have been proven for centuries. Learn more today about the different exercises to help relieve pain.


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