Specialized Care for Auto Accident Injuries

Looking for car accident recovery services in Portland?

Visit Portland Wellness Care to see chiropractors and physiotherapists that specialize in treating injuries from auto accidents. Our system of care is integrated; meaning we take different forms of treatment like chiropracticacupuncture, and massage therapy to help relieve pain caused by a vehicle collision. We treat injuries such as whiplash and back pain by diagnosing them through advanced technology while treating them with traditional techniques. Our approach has helped thousands of people eliminate pain and restore mobility with treatment that is non-invasive.

PIP – Personal Injury Protection & Medical Insurance

Get Injury Treatment for *ZERO Dollars Out of Pocket!

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*For insured Oregon drivers who suffered injuries from an auto accident.

Portland Auto Accident Recovery

Car Accident Recovery Portland

Treatment for Auto Related Injuries

Our team has years of experience treating injuries that resulted from auto accidents. We utilize different techniques to help our clients get pain relief without surgery or expensive doctors. From chiropractic, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, physiotherapy, and laser therapy, we treat the body with proven methods and provide patients will personalized care for their car accident injuries. 

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Why Choose Us for Auto Injury Care?

Portland Wellness Care is your go-to clinic for integrated care. Our team of licensed chiropractors & expert physiotherapists will determine the best solution to your auto accident injury, and help you along the way to full pain relief. Our care team will examine you, take X-rays if needed, determine the extent of your injuries, provide a treatment plan and pain management all in one convenient location.

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Have auto insurance in Oregon? Get injury treatment at no cost to you!*

PIP - Personal Injury Protection and Medical Insurance

*Every driver in Oregon is required to carry Personal Injury Protection insurance, frequently called PIP, of at least $15,000 in medical coverage. This coverage is Oregon’s version of no-fault insurance.

If you were injured in a car accident or were hit by a vehicle, you can have all of your treatment paid for by your entitlement to the max PIP (Personal Injury Protection) insurance* regardless of who is at fault. If you have auto insurance in the state of Oregon, you are entitled to benefits that will cover the cost of injury treatment and rehabilitation. Please contact our clinic for more information regarding PIP insurance coverage.

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