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Portland Wellness Care offers laser therapy to help alleviate chronic pain without the need for invasive treatments. As one of our many alternative therapies used for injury recovery and pain management, our doctors have extensive experience in offering laser therapy treatment to our patients. Serving a variety of injuries and illnesses, laser therapy may be the right solution for you.

Laser Therapy in Portland

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Recieve laser therapy treatment from specialists you can trust. Help reduce pain in muscles and joints with a technique that is minimally invasive, giving you peace of mind. Contact us today to learn more about our laser therapy services we offer.

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Why Choose Us for Laser Therapy?

The Portland Wellness Care team is ready to administer the right treatment plan for you. We have decades worth of experience in treating all age groups with a wide range of illnesses and injuries. From diagnosis to recovery, our doctors and specialists are here to offer the very best medical services each step of the way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser therapy is a therapeutic use of infrared light waves that safely penetrate the patient’s skin and induce a regenerative healing response.

Yes! Class 4 laser therapy has been successfully used clinically for several years. Recent research shows that laser therapy can reduce pain, and increase tissue injury recovery time and healing.

Some insurance covers this therapy at no cost to the patient. When not covered by insurance, laser therapy treatments typically range from $80-$100 a session.

Laser therapy in physical medicine is a modality used in conjunction with other physical therapies to enhance tissue healing and injury recovery, reduce pain and improve patient outcomes.

Laser therapy benefits vary. In patients with more chronic injury, more laser therapy is needed and the effects are shorter. Typically, effects can last for several days.

While receiving laser therapy, warmth is the primary side effect. Laser therapy can also lead to mild soreness occasionally.

It depends on the condition and severity being treated. Often the benefits from laser therapy can last long term.

Yes! Laser therapy is a very safe and fast treatment modality. Protective eyewear is always utilized at PWC during laser treatment to ensure safety.

Reduce inflammation, reduce pain, improve vascularity, increase metabolic activity, improve nerve function and regeneration, muscle tissue repair and regeneration, reduce scar tissues, increase cartilage production, accelerate wound healing, and accelerate bone repair.

Laser therapy reduces pain by decreasing cellular inflammation markers and reducing pain receptor activity at the cellular level.

WC and MVA insurance does. Most private insurances do not currently.

Yes, in the same way it is effective for other joint tissue, laser therapy can help reduce pain and inflammation associated with lower back injuries.

There is no data to say laser therapy directly helps those with spinal stenosis. Indirectly, laser therapy may help decrease inflammation and pain in someone with stenosis, improving function.

Laser therapy can be effective for nerve pain, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, radiculopathy, and peripheral neuropathies.

Laser therapy can be very effective for arthritic conditions. This depends on duration and severity of the patient’s arthritis.

No. A mild warmth is the most common side effect of laser therapy.

Typically, we encourage patients to avoid icing the area after laser therapy the same day to encourage and enhance the body’s healing and immune response.

Yes. Laser therapy can be very effective for knee pain.

Yes. Laser therapy can be very effective for knee pain. It can help ease pain of knee osteoarthritis and increase knee joint function.

The amount of laser therapy depends on the patient and the severity of the injury. Sometimes as little as 3 sessions are needed for desired therapeutic effects to be reached. More severe or chronic injuries may require more laser therapy treatments.

Portland Wellness Care’s Providers are up to date on the most recent laser therapy research, have a state of the art class 4 laser therapy machine, and have used it clinically for several years. We provide extensive knowledge and expertise on using laser therapy and can help personalize treatment plans per the individual patient.

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