Madison Hubbell


Massage Therapist

About Madison Hubbell

Madison has been an athlete since a young age starting with competitive gymnastics and volleyball, then transitioning to yoga and weight lifting as an adult. Her understanding of muscle pain comes from personal experience as well as her education. Madison got her massage therapy license with Carrington College. She has an associates degree in Kinesiology from Skyline Community College in San Bruno California. She also has a health coaching certification from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Currently she is enrolled at Portland State University and pursuing a bachelors degree in Health and Fitness.

Madison’s approach to body work is still evolving since she got her license in 2022. So far she enjoys doing focus work and using multiple different approaches, mainly including Swedish massage techniques along with deep tissue therapy.

For fun Madison loves to spend time at the gym lifting weights, going for hikes, going skiing, or hanging out at home watching a good tv show.


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