How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost

How Much Does Physical Therapy Cost?

Learn the best ways to pay for physical therapy

How much does physical therapy cost? This is a question many people ask after being prescribed physical therapy. Physical therapy typically begins with an initial appointment for an assessment and then follow up sessions until the patient has achieved their goal. Patients usually have many questions regarding the expense of treatment including: “Is physical therapy worth it?” “Does physical therapy work?” “How much does a physical therapy session cost?” These questions and more will be covered below.

Physical therapy is a vital part of a patient’s health care in helping manage pain, recover from trauma and improve strength and balance. If you need physical therapy it is important that you seek treatment regardless of the cost. You will find that treatment can help improve the quality of your life. Health insurers and Medicare often provide some coverage so out of pocket expenses are very reasonable considering the benefits of therapy to the patient. Physical therapy fulfills a wide range of roles in health care and in many instances, can be considered part of the wellness category. If you are in the Portland area, you should visit Portland Wellness Care for physical therapy. Our helpful associates will help you understand your insurance coverage, physical therapy costs, how often you should see the physical therapist and what your out of pocket costs will be.

What is the cost of physical therapy?

The cost of physical therapy can depend on a number of factors. The training and specialty of your therapist may affect the cost. A physical therapist with a Doctorate will usually have higher fees than one with a Master’s degree. Location may also play a part. Urban centers may charge less than rural areas since there are more therapists available and therefore more competition. Patients without health insurance coverage may be charged less than those who have health insurance plans. Physical therapy usually costs more when it is provided by a hospital. The nature of the health issue being treated will also impact costs. The initial visit to a physical therapist will normally be an assessment and longer than subsequent appointments. If you have insurance you can expect to pay around $30 per physical therapy session. If you do not have insurance, you can expect to pay around $125 per session. However, the average cost of physical therapy can range between $60-$200.

Does insurance pay for physical therapy?

Health insurance plans generally cover some or all of the cost of physical therapy up to a maximum. If you have no health insurance a session can cost between $50-$350.00 depending on factors described above. Patients who have insurance can expect to copay between $10-$50 per session depending on the percentage of coverage your provider offers.

You will want to know what percentage of the appointment costs are paid, if there is an annual or a lifetime maximum, if additional equipment such as exercise bands are covered by insurance, what services are covered and if a doctor’s recommendation is required. To learn more about what your policy may include, contact Portland Wellness Care and have your insurance information ready.

What is the average copay for physical therapy?

The average copay for those who have health insurance is between $20-$50 per session depending on your deductible. For those without health insurance, the average copay is between $60-$150 per session.

How many days will Medicare pay for physical therapy?

Medicare will pay 80% of the maximum Medicare approved amount as long as you receive your physical therapy services from a participating provider. After you pay your deductible you will pay 20% of the physical therapy appointment cost. Once your physical therapy costs reach a certain amount Medicare requires that your provider confirms that your treatment is medically necessary. Amounts may vary from year to year.

Will Medicare pay for physical therapy without a referral?

Medicare will generally cover physical therapy costs without a doctor’s referral but this will depend on the laws in your state. The information explaining this will be in your “State Practice Act”. Your physical therapist will develop a Plan of Care and a physician must be involved in certifying the Plan of Care within 30 days. The Plan of Care does not need to be certified by the patient’s physician and the patient does not have to see the doctor regarding this. It is best to check your state’s “State Practice Act” and confirm what Medicare will cover with your practitioner.

Does physical therapy really work?

Physical therapy is used for rehabilitation from trauma such as an injury, illness, accident or surgery. It is also used for pain management and to improve strength, flexibility, mobility and balance. Patients may be referred to a physical therapist for treatment to avoid surgery or correct injuries due to repetitive muscle strain so that they may keep working. It can be used to correct issues or prevent physical problems from getting worse. With such a wide variety of applications it is no wonder that many people question whether it will work.

Your therapist should develop a plan for you after an assessment. Expectations will be set to accomplish goals. Your therapy may consist of stretching, low impact aerobics, ultrasound treatments, massage and strengthening exercises. You may require special equipment such as exercise bands to do your exercises at home. Patients who maintain regular appointments and do the exercises prescribed normally see significant improvement in their conditions.

Is physical therapy worth the money?

Physical therapy can be extremely valuable. With successful treatment, it may be possible to avoid surgery or recover faster from necessary surgery. This can improve the patient’s well being and reduce their costs if they can return to work earlier or no longer need to pay for help as they recover. Pain is treated at the source so once it is eliminated or reduced patients may not need to buy medication or suffer discomfort as they go about their daily lives. With improved muscle strength and balance, patients can reduce their risk of injury from strain or falling. Physical therapy is very cost effective when you consider that a treatment plan may prevent surgery, improve recovery time from injury, surgery or illness, reduce pain so that you may not need medication and prevent injuries as a result of better balance and stronger muscles. Good health is priceless.

How many times a week should you do physical therapy?

The frequency of appointments typically depends on your assessment and treatment plan. Often in the beginning, patients are scheduled for two to three sessions a week after their initial assessment. These sessions typically run from 30-45 minutes. After this, the number of appointments per week may change based on the progress made. Typically you will have two appointments a week until the end of the treatment plan or until sufficient progress is made and the patient can reduce the number of visits.

Why choose Portland Wellness Care for Physiotherapy?

If you need physical therapy for healing or preventative reasons Portland Wellness Care should be your first call. Portland Wellness Care in affiliation with Portland Urgent Care is a top rated, full service care center that provides patients with an integrative healthcare clinic featuring the latest medical technologies. Services offered include medical exams, treatment plans, pain management and a comprehensive care plan to address your specific needs. We offer walk-in appointments, urgent care appointments, TeleMed and MobilMed appointments. If you have suffered an on the job injury or have been in a motor vehicle accident you can visit Portland Urgent Care for immediate medical attention. The following services are offered by Portland Wellness Care…

Portland Urgent Care and Portland Wellness Care accept most insurance plans and provide discounted rates with membership to CHUSA to those who pay at the time of service because we believe finances should never stand in the way of living a healthy and pain free life.


In conclusion, the cost of physical therapy can range depending on a variety of factors. While we have explained some factors, every patient’s care plan is different. To find out exactly what treatment you need to get on the road to recovery, you should call Portland Wellness Care.

Regardless of whether you have insurance there will be some out of pocket expenses that can vary depending on your practitioner, your location and the treatment required. If you have insurance, it is best to review your policy to find out how much is covered. Also, make sure that your insurance provider is in-network. Some insurers require a referral from your physician and others do not. Your insurer will provide you with this information. If you have no insurance, your practitioner may be able to work out a payment plan with you. The cost of physical therapy is well worth the money spent when you consider the improvement in your quality of life.

Portland Wellness Care offers physical therapy to enable you to recover rapidly. Portland Wellness Care accepts major insurance providers. Because we understand that finances should never get in the way of living a healthy and pain free life, Portland Urgent Care and Portland Wellness Care accept most insurance plans and provide discounted rates to those who pay at the time of service with CHUSA membership.

Discover the road to recovery. . . contact Portland Wellness Care today!


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