4 Safe Travel Tips for the Holidays

Follow These Quick Tips to Remain Safe During Holiday Travels!

The Holidays are some of the best times of year for get-togethers and celebrations, but when it comes to travel, they can be one of the most dangerous times of the year to be on the road. Holiday car accidents can and do happen, but these 4 simple  tips may just save your life.

1. Travel At The Best Times

There are good days to drive and bad days to drive around the holidays. For instance, getting on the highway the day before, particularly in the afternoon, almost ensures that you will be stuck in traffic. You’ll be surrounded by exhausted and impatient drivers who just want to reach their destination.

If you can leave earlier in the day – better yet, earlier in the week – or postpone your travel until the holiday morning, do it. You’ll get where you’re going much faster, avoid crowded highways, and keep frustration at bay.

2. Limit Your Distractions

If you’re using a navigation app, have it set up and ready before you turn on the car. Even better if your co-pilot can navigate for you!

Using your cell phone for navigation is distracting enough. Don’t use it for anything else while driving. Do not text, email, or use your phone in any way while you’re driving. You will keep yourself safer by focusing on driving only.

3. Know the Dangers

The night before a holiday may be a busy travel time, but it’s also the biggest drinking night of the year. The holidays are a time to get together with people you haven’t seen in a while, whether there are reunions among friends, young adults home from college, or families toasting their gathering. These gatherings often involve overindulging, whether with food or drink, and binge drinking is not uncommon.

When there is alcohol, people drive drunk, and that means a greater likelihood of holiday car accidents, potentially fatal. There are plenty of reasons to treat yourself to a night of letting loose, whether you’re stressing about too much family time, trying to cope with a holiday that makes you sad, or enjoying a night out when you’ve been spending too many nights at home. Simple rule: If you drink, don’t drive.

4. Just Be Smart

Wear your seatbelt. Don’t drink and drive. Be cautious in bad weather. Plan your travel so you don’t have to rush.

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