Is a Chiropractor Covered by Insurance

Does Insurance Cover Chiropractic?

What you should know before paying for your chiropractic visit


Does health insurance cover chiropractic care? In most cases it should, but the definite answer depends on your provider and policy. While you may have time to review your policy before visiting a chiropractor, you may need an appointment urgently. The medical provider you contact may be able to help you understand your benefits. Your health should be a top priority so if you need a chiropractor, go! Worry about the finances later. If insurance is unable to provide coverage for chiropractic appointments you may be able to arrange a payment plan with the medical provider. If you plan to visit the chiropractor regularly, you may want to revise your insurance policy. 

Chiropractic care usually falls under wellness. This means if you need chiropractic care you should contact a wellness center. If you are in the Portland area, you should visit Portland Wellness Care for chiropractic services. When you call in you can ask, “does my insurance cover chiropractic care?” One of our helpful associates can help you understand your coverage. So how do you know when to see a chiropractor? How much should you expect to pay for a chiropractic appointment? Keep reading to learn more about insurance and chiropractic care. 


How much does chiropractor cost with insurance?

If you’re considering seeing a chiropractor, you may be wondering just how much you will have to pay out of pocket and what benefits your insurance provides. The cost of a chiropractic visit may depend on a few factors inclusive of your location, insurance type, the chiropractor’s experience level, and whether or not the office you choose accepts your insurance plan. You may be wondering why location matters. If you live in an urban area, chances are there simply are more chiropractic practitioners in your area. In some cases, this may mean a lower cost due to volume of providers in the area. If you live in an area where there simply are limited chiropractors available, the cost for your chiropractic visit may be higher. 

Even if your insurance covers chiropractic care, you may have a copay. Some copays may be as low as $10 or $20, while others may be higher. On average, chiropractic services typically range between $30 to $200 per consultation without insurance. 

Is chiropractic included in insurance?

Due to the varying regulations across insurance companies in different states, it is always a good idea to check with your insurance to find out what is covered in regards to your chiropractic care. In most cases, chiropractic care should be covered in your policy. Chiropractic treatment is more common than you think. With over 20 million Americans visiting a chiropractor every year, most insurance companies understand the importance of insurance for chiropractic treatment. It’s common for wellness care such as seeing a chiropractor to require a copay or meet an annual deductible. 

What does Medicare cover for chiropractor?

If you are a Medicare recipient, you may be wondering if chiropractic care is included in your benefits. If it’s medically necessary to see a chiropractor to correct a subluxation, your treatment should be covered by Medicare Part B. You should expect to pay about 20% out of pocket though since Medicare only covers 80%. However, other chiropractic services such as massage therapy, x-rays, or acupuncture are typically not covered by Medicare. 

Is a chiropractor expensive?

A common misconception about seeing a chiropractor is that “it’s too expensive.” Comparative to other treatment types such as long term medications, surgeries, etc. Chiropractic care may be a cheaper and more effective alternative treatment plan for you. 

The long term costs that may come with living with pain may be far more than what you invest in chiropractic care. For example, if one is unable to perform their job due to pain, the financial impact is much more devastating than in up front investment in healing. 

How much does it cost to get aligned by a chiropractor?

As mentioned before, the cost of your visit is dependent on a few factors. For example, whether or not you have insurance and how many chiropractors are available in your area may influence your cost of being aligned by a chiropractor. On average, full-body alignments or adjustments cost about $65. In urban areas with more practitioners available, you may be able to find more competitive pricing for alignments. Most chiropractic adjustments should include an adjustment of the vertebrae. If you need X-rays this can cost extra. In some cases, the chiropractor may need to extend your session to provide adequate care which can increase cost as well.

How does chiropractic insurance work?

If you want to ensure that chiropractic treatment is covered by insurance, you should contact your health insurance provider. While some chiropractic offices may offer payment plans, they typically do not offer insurance. To have chiropractic insurance, you’ll need to make sure your regular health insurance policy includes chiropractic benefits. 

If your health insurance covers chiropractic work, the doctor’s office you visit or wellness center, will collect any copay due from you at the time of appointment and bill your insurance company for the rest. If your insurance company denies any of the charges, you will be responsible for payment. 


Why is chiropractic not covered by insurance?

There are a few reasons why your insurance doesn’t cover chiropractic care. One reason is that perhaps they don’t consider chiropractic care as a medical necessity. Another reason could be that the plan you selected under the insurance provider does not include chiropractic care. In some cases, insurance plans can limit chiropractic coverage in the following ways. . .

  • Require a referral from a doctor
  • Require you to use in-network or approved chiropractors
  • Limit how many times per month or year you can visit the chiropractor


How do I know if I need to see a chiropractor?

Seeing a chiropractor is recommended for many different reasons, not just post trauma or injury. Many people benefit from incorporating chiropractic care into their routine regardless of reason for seeking care. Seeing a chiropractor may also be of benefit if you are seeking a chronic pain management plan. While chronic pain is a top reason people seek chiropractic care, you may want to see a chiropractor for the following reasons: 

1. Preventive or Proactive Care: 

Chiropractic care can be utilized as a wonderful preventive and proactive treatment method for those seeking to improve their overall well being. Whether you sit in an office chair all day, live an active lifestyle, or do a mix of it all- a chiropractor can offer you many benefits and improve your overall quality of life. A common misconception about chiropractic care is that one needs to be in pain to seek a chiropractic adjustment. That is not the case- in fact, there are many benefits of incorporating chiropractic adjustments in your wellness routine, before you are in pain! 

Some of the commonly reported benefits of chiropractic care may include: 

  • increased energy 
  • relaxation 
  • improved flexibility and balance 

2. Chronic pain management: 

In addition to being a great preventive care option, many people seeking chiropractic care have also suffered from some sort of trauma or injury. A chiropractor may offer incredible benefits for those who have been involved in some form of accident or trauma. 

Why choose Portland Wellness Care?

Whether you are seeking chiropractic care for preventive or injury treatment related reasons, Portland Wellness Care should be your first phone call. Portland Wellness Care, in association with Portland Urgent Care , provides patients with an integrative healthcare clinic that features the latest medical technologies. For urgent care needs, you should visit or contact Portland Urgent Care. For regular chiropractic care, you should contact Portland Wellness Care. Portland Wellness Care provides the following services. . .

From medical exams, to treatment plans, to pain management, Portland Urgent Care offers a comprehensive care plan to address your specific needs. Whether you suffered an on-the-job accident or motor vehicle accident, you can visit Portland Urgent Care for immediate attention. Because we understand that finances should never get in the way of living a healthy and pain free life, Portland Urgent Care and Portland Wellness Care accept most insurance plans and provide discounted rates to those who pay at the time of service. 


In conclusion, there’s a good chance your insurance covers chiropractic care. Keep in mind that just because the wellness center you plan on visiting accepts your insurance, does not mean that your treatment will be covered. Before visiting the chiropractic office of your choice you should review your plan so that you know what is covered. In addition, make sure the provider you intend to use is in-network. As we mentioned earlier, some insurance companies may require a referral from your primary care doctor. If so, you’ll need to visit your primary care doctor before going to the chiropractor. If your insurance company requires a referral and you don’t have one, you may have to pay out of pocket. 

Portland Wellness Care offers chiropractic services with expertise in sports medicine. In addition, Portland Wellness Care accepts major insurance providers. For a list of approved insurance companies, click here.


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